Who is your True Love? Try our Medieval Love Potion.

Who is your True Love? Try our Medieval Love Potion.

While magic and witchcraft were frowned upon in the Middle Ages, young girls sometimes did practice a type of love spell or charm.

Courtesy-of-the-BritishCourtesy of the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Collection.

The most common sort of feminine love magic was a harmless potion that girls could make to identify their future ordained husbands. We found the recipe, originally published in 1685 and again in 1780, in an old Victorian book titled, Mother Bunch’s Closet Newly Broke Open and the history of Mother Bunch of the West, edited by George Laurence Gomme, London: 1885 (p. 28). The collection of charms and dreams is credited to a well-known fictional character, an old wise woman named Mother Bunch.

Here is the recipe and directions for discovering who you will marry…

“Thou say’st well daughter, quoth Mother Bunch, and if thou hast a mind to see the man, follow my directions and you shall not fail.

Let me see, this is St. Luke’s Day [Oct. 18], which I have found by my long experience to be fitter for this purpose than St. Agnes’s and the ingredients more excellent.

  1. Dry them before a fire, rub them to powder, then sift it thro’ a fine piece of lawn.

  2. Simmer these, with a small quantity of virgin honey, in white wine vinegar, over a slow fire;

  3. Anoint your stomach, breast and lips, when lying down and repeat these words thrice: St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me,In dreams let me my true love see.

  4. This said, hasten to sleep, and in the soft slumbers of your nights repose, the very man whom you shall marry will appear before you, walking to and fro, near your bedside, very plain and visible to be seen.”

Need a More Immediate Love Spell?

If it’s not enough to see the man you will one day marry and you need more immediate results, then try these simple love spells from The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet [died ca. 1636], edited by David Rankine, Avalonia Books, 2011 (p. 307).

First to get someone to do your bidding, try this spell…

“Write in an Apple your names And these three names ‘Gosmer Synady Heupide’, And give to eat to any man that thou wouldst have after thy will and he shall do as thou wilt.”

Or if you wish for someone to love you…

“Write in an Apple with a point of a Knife. On the one side Tabora and on the other Odul Ochara and give to be eaten either to man or woman. And he or she will love thee.”

Harmless spells? Maybe. Do they work? Let us know.

While today we may laugh and smile at the thought of love charms, spells and potions, in the Middle Ages, the practice of love magic might result in being officially and sternly scolded by the church courts and, perhaps, even locked up with only bread and water. Do it again, and you might be publicly humiliated or even whipped!

Thankfully times have changed and you can practice our spells without fear of punishment … just perhaps a fear of giving the apple to the wrong person.