7 Medieval Phrases to Spice up Your Next Conversation

7 Medieval Phrases to Spice up Your Next Conversation

A different era calls for a different mode of speaking – more polite, more romantic and more pleasing to the ear. And so it was in the Middle Ages with tales of noble knights and their lovely ladies, gallant kings and graceful queens.

If thou wishest to bring a medieval flair and flower to thy tongue, here are seven phrases to sprinkle throughout thy modern speech. Verily, methinks thou shall enjoy it and you risk naught in the simple reading.

Forsooth: in truth, certainly or indeed.
Forsooth, there is no one more noble in all of Christendom then our good friend, Richard.

Pray Thee or Prithee: I am asking you or please
I pray thee will pass the butter.

Fare-thee-well: Goodbye
Fare-thee-well, my dear sister, until we meet on the morrow.

God’s Wounds, God’s Blood, God’s Nails, God Just About Anything: A minor oath often spoken in frustration or anger.

God’sWounds, knave. Get out of my way and let me pass.

By my Troth: I promise
By my troth, I will text you tomorrow.

Anon: soon
I will be with you anon.

Going to Seige: I have to go to the bathroom
Excuse me for a moment as I am going to siege.

So delight thy companions at thy next party with such chivalrous turns of phrase. Grammercy (thank you) for reading, I am most indebted to thee.