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    Lily Lion

    The Lion & the Lily: Edward III’s Claim to France

    Isabella's retirement home

    Isabella’s “Retirement Castle”

    Templar's Curse

    The Templar’s Curse


    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Isabella of France

    A Medal of Henry VIII, 1545

    Finding Plantagenets and Tudors at the British Museum


    Christmas Recipes from the Table of Richard II


    The Plantagenet Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

    King Richard II’s Banquet

    arms of Marg Anjou

    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Margaret of Anjou

    Richard Beauchamp and Rous Roll

    The Coronation of Henry VI: Carrying the King

    Penelope Pelham Winslow

    A “Touch of Purple” An e-Royalty Thanksgiving Celebration!


    Astrology, Magic & Jacquetta of Luxembourg


    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Jacquetta of Luxembourg

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    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Brothers-in-Law of Henry VII

    Darren Butler

    An Interview with Darren Baker, author of With All For All: The Life of Simon de Montfort 

    Death of a Dowager

    Death of a Dowager: Elizabeth Woodville

    Updated Portrait of Henry VIII For Featured

    Tudor Mysteries to Die For!

    Liz of Lancaster

    Liz Lancaster: Married in Haste

    Canterbury Tales for featured

    Ten Medieval Terms You’ve Never Heard Of


    Medieval Mysteries to Die For!

    small pic crecy

    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Anne of Bohemia

    Richard II

    Image of a King: Richard II

    John of England, John Lackland

    “How the Magna Carta ruined my life.” by King John

    The author, Sara Cockerill, at her book signing in London. The Tower of London can be seen in the background. Used with permission of the author.

    An interview with Sara Cockerill, author of Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen

    Jerusalem 1200 Netherlands

    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Joan of Kent

    Beheading graphic

    Dutiful, Doomed Edmund of Kent

    Duke and Duchess of England

    Margaret Douglas: Royal Granddaughter, Royal Grandmother


    The Women Who “Should” be Queen

    Short and brutal death of Anne Boelyn

    The Short and Brutal Death of Anne Boleyn

    Elizabeth I from Hampton Court Family Portrait Wikimedia Commons

    The Poetry of Queen Elizabeth I

    Serving the King. Courtesy of the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Collection.

    Chivalry and the Chamberlain’s Honor

    Variations of these arms were used by Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Edward I and Edward II.

    What’s on Your Shield? Heraldry in the Middle Ages

    Richard III

    The Crowning of Richard III

    The Tower of London

    5 Things You May Not Know About the Tower of London


    Who is Humpty Dumpty and Why Does He Matter?


    Richard III’S Childhood Home: Fotheringhay Castle

    Rich II burial procession

    The Burial and Reburials of Richard III

    French Connection

    Richard III’s French Connection

    Who is your True Love? Try our Medieval Love Potion.

    John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford: The Charles and Camilla of their Day?

    James and Joan Beaufort

    “Six Degrees” from Eleanor of Aquitaine: Joan Beaufort and the monarchs of Scotland

    Attack on the castle

    The Unlucky Royal Stewarts

    Gower's Tomb

    The First Great English Poetry

    Lady Journeying

    James & Joan: Happily Ever After?

    Edward III

    Dukes, Earls and Lords, Oh My!


    Happy Birthday Magna Carta! 1215 to 2015

    How to Start a Medieval Book Lovers Club…plus 10 great book suggestions

    7 Medieval Phrases to Spice up Your Next Conversation


    You Know You’re “Middle Aged” when …

    Short and brutal death of Anne Boelyn

    Five Things You Don’t Know About Anne Boleyn

    Henry VIII’s Political Marriage: Why Cleves?


    Anne of Cleves: A Woman Maligned?


    Hans Holbein at Henry VIII’s Court

    The Coronation of a “Young King” and the Woes it Brought to Henry and Eleanor


    Crowning Glory: Westminster Abbey


    Crowning a Favorite Son: The Coronation of Richard I