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e-Royalty indulges in all things Plantagenet and Tudor – the people and the times in which they lived. We begin with the passionate and fiery Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II…down through the Lionheart, King John, the Edwards, Richards, Henrys and Elizabeths that fought and died for control of the throne. They lived and loved fiercely. These historical royals offered England the most turbulent of years. They rival any fantasy or fiction, and their stories are made all the more fascinating by their truth.

Meet the e-Royalty staff:

Founder and Publisher: Belinda A. Brewster

Belinda Brewster began her love affair with the Plantagenets and Tudors while very young. First, it was watching Masterpiece Theater with her parents and enjoying The Six Wives of Henry VIII with Keith Michel and Elizabeth I with Glenda Jackson. Then at the age of 13, it was getting lost in Anya Seton’s book, Katherine. She still remembers Ms. Seton’s description of the Plantagenets when Katherine first saw them, “At the far end of the Hall on a dais, a line of glittering, gorgeously jeweled men and women sat at the high table”. And that is how Belinda always thinks of them. After getting a degree in history and a master’s in business, Belinda continues her life-long learning of all things Plantagenet and Tudor, which has led to offering this community for history lovers to luxuriate in this particular time and place.

Founder and Chief Chronicler: Peggy M. Baker

Peggy M. Baker was drawn into the world of medieval English royalty through a childhood dream of growing up to become Robin Hood. That career avenue remaining closed, she instead garnered an MA in Latin from the University of Michigan and a MS in Library Science, with a specialization in Archives, from Wayne State University, before entering the world of historical museums. She has recently retired after fifteen years as director of Pilgrim Hall Museum, the oldest museum in continuous operation in the United States. The author of more than two dozen articles on Pilgrim and early New England history published in the Mayflower Quarterly, and the recent author of a volume on the descendants of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers. Peg is now relishing the opportunity to dive headfirst into exploring an earlier (and far more elegantly dressed) group of fascinating people.

Contributor: James W. Baker
Jim Baker, recently retired from museum work as Director of Research/Vice President/Webmaster/Senior Historian at Plimoth Plantation after 26 years and the Alden House Historical Site for seven years. His published works include Plimoth Plantation: Fifty Years of Living History, A Guide to Historic Plymouth, Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday, and The Cunning Man’s Handbook: English Folk Magic, 1550-1800. Jim has also been featured on The History Channel and has lectured at the Smithsonian Institute. Jim has had an avid interest in Elizabethan and medieval life and customs for decades.

Associate Editor: Anne Lane

Anne has been a British Royal enthusiast for as long as she can remember, beginning with a fascination for the young princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret. When she was 10, she first read the Signature book, The Story of Good Queen Bess. She literally could not put it down, and read it so many times that it fell apart. In the 60 years that have followed, Anne has continued her life-long learning of the British royals. She has read hundreds of books on all aspects of British history. She readily admits her favorite is Elizabeth I, but she has a soft spot for the Plantagenets too, thanks to Thomas Costain’s magnificent four volume history of that dynasty. She grew up in a family of historians and is a frequent visitor to Britain.

Associate Editor: Lisa Sampson

Art Director: Jennifer Osterhouse